What I REALLY Think of the iPhone!

Thoughts on a few months/years with the latest iPhone

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iPhone 12 Review: kodron.info/mine/vGnFZ3WYkm1lj4U/bidio.html
iPhone 12 Pro Review: kodron.info/mine/yY-sk3TaxXl-12Q/bidio.html
iPhone 12 Mini Review: kodron.info/mine/vaDdmV_HtIdq0WQ/bidio.html
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JerryRigEverything Durability test: kodron.info/mine/sIiZpKK5r2is02g/bidio.html
Galaxy S21 is the only Android that doesn't suck at Snapchat: www.androidpolice.com/2021/02...
Belkin Magsafe car mount: www.belkin.com/us/p/P-WIC002/
MOMENT Car Vent Mount w/ MagSafe: www.shopmoment.com/products/c...
iOS 14's New Features: kodron.info/mine/voTceKinpK17qGQ/bidio.html
iOS 14 Widgets/Homescreen: kodron.info/mine/x4CZan69uaGpuHk/bidio.html
Widgets poll: MKBHD/status/1364...
The Apple Ecosystem: Explained! kodron.info/mine/r3qXk4mvsnpr2KM/bidio.html
5G Explained: kodron.info/mine/w3u3iaXFlJ2lmI0/bidio.html
iPhone "Gates" Explained: kodron.info/mine/0pzTnIvQ12uEuIE/bidio.html

0:00 Intro
3:57 Design
10:48 The Screen
18:07 Cameras
26:43 MagSafe
30:02 Battery
32:09 The iPhone
37:03 5G JUST Got Real?
40:36 GATES
45:28 Conclusion

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  1. Kylynn Boi

    Kylynn Boi

    2 분 전

    Samsung s10 is better

  2. Don Griggs

    Don Griggs

    4 시간 전

    Apple class 101. Where's my credit?

  3. Garner Bright

    Garner Bright

    4 시간 전

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  4. Benjamin J Clark

    Benjamin J Clark

    5 시간 전

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  5. John P

    John P

    6 시간 전

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  6. Being Partha

    Being Partha

    7 시간 전

    He talked EVERYTHING about NOTHING 😂

  7. Praneeth P

    Praneeth P

    8 시간 전

    Next long video: "What I REALLY Think of the iOS!" May be also explain how iOS can't take good use of big displays on Max!

  8. Chuma M'hango

    Chuma M'hango

    9 시간 전

    Funny thing is, even though this was a relatively way longer video, it still felt like a summary.... A whole 47 minutes of a phone review, felt like a summary.

  9. Ikon Icon

    Ikon Icon

    11 시간 전

    falling with phones again

  10. Ikon Icon

    Ikon Icon

    11 시간 전

    ill give 888k to u

  11. Sergeant Shelby

    Sergeant Shelby

    12 시간 전

    Been watching this video from day 1. Took me 3 months to finish it🤣

  12. Muhammad Harith Ahmad Daud

    Muhammad Harith Ahmad Daud

    15 시간 전

    Hey, this new video concept is cool!

  13. TDD


    17 시간 전

    Apple is the most default shit you can have

  14. Imie Nazvvisko

    Imie Nazvvisko

    17 시간 전

    Cool video!

  15. Susan Padmo

    Susan Padmo

    21 시간 전

    I think I'm psycho cause I watched this 50 minute video 2 times.

  16. The Wandering Musician

    The Wandering Musician

    22 시간 전

    Idk he seems a bit biased towards apple.

  17. Desert Locust

    Desert Locust

    일 전

    My second time watching this video and both times it’s been late in the night, before I gotta get up for work yet I still sit through the entire thing, it’s that well made.

  18. な だい

    な だい

    일 전

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  19. Mateus Fernando

    Mateus Fernando

    일 전

    Make one about Android! Amazing video by the way!

  20. Silvio Ramos

    Silvio Ramos

    일 전

    Why did those red icons in the gray background mess with my eyes man jeez?

  21. D S

    D S

    일 전

    Hey loved the long version video got alot out of it i watched straight through over the course of two days. Thanks!!!

  22. sethbolyard


    일 전

    Cannot wait for the Samsung episode!!!!

  23. IT CodeX

    IT CodeX

    일 전

    well Ive used 120hz on tablet for a while now ... seriously there is no problem in going back to 60Hz iPhone screen.

  24. Orionpk


    일 전

    I wonder how much apple paid all these reviewers to say good things about the iPhone.

  25. nelson heavyd

    nelson heavyd

    일 전

    Such a great analysis. Would appreciate if you could do same for the Samsung Galaxy also.

  26. Greg James

    Greg James

    일 전

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  27. Farchan “Cen” Rifai

    Farchan “Cen” Rifai

    일 전

    Just watched this 48 mins video for the second time and fxck I really enjoyed it.



    일 전

    Android best

  29. howard hollander

    howard hollander

    2 일 전

    I phones suck and I'd never own an apple product. With all their billions of profit in their quarterly reports, they still pay less than 1% federal taxes while I have to pay thousands. They have very little in home screen customization. Why are you so stupid??

  30. Edwin Aguilar Reyes

    Edwin Aguilar Reyes

    2 일 전

    He said in the intro that apple makes high quality video but I’d say he has a bigger bragging right than apple because his videos are even better

  31. Alungile Gxabu

    Alungile Gxabu

    2 일 전

    Love it ♥️

  32. Mr. Oslyn

    Mr. Oslyn

    2 일 전

    Mine has said no SIM card about 12 times since feb 3 iPhone 12 Pro max

  33. David Guzman

    David Guzman

    2 일 전

    Just switch from Android to IOS after 10 years and I am really hating the decision. Everything seems more complicated. Example: the back button is not consistently placed. The widgets are rubbish; you can’t interact with them; the camera is just boring. I am giving 2 months to convince me. Love iMac and iPad, though.

    • David Guzman

      David Guzman

      2 일 전

      And the notch feels like 2015 feature

  34. Suraj Singh Thakur

    Suraj Singh Thakur

    2 일 전

    Make a in-depth video on Samsung s21 ultra

    • Suraj Singh Thakur

      Suraj Singh Thakur

      11 시간 전

      @My opinion doesn't matter but That's true

    • My opinion doesn't matter but

      My opinion doesn't matter but

      2 일 전

      He won’t, Samsung isn’t as popular and the video won’t garner as many views

  35. bruno cardoso

    bruno cardoso

    2 일 전

    Make something like that with Samsung s21 ultra!!! Great job!!!

  36. Nelsony


    2 일 전

    4:01 S e m e n

  37. Hamy Nguyen

    Hamy Nguyen

    2 일 전

    Ok who is editing this dudes video. It’s frikken awesome!!!

    • My opinion doesn't matter but

      My opinion doesn't matter but

      2 일 전

      The legend himself of course 🤙

  38. Dynasty Slayer

    Dynasty Slayer

    2 일 전

    Take a shot every time he says “flat”

  39. Arundeep Singh

    Arundeep Singh

    2 일 전

    you can actually use the reachability function of the iphone to reach the top with one hand. on the iphone with the home button it was to to tap the button twice without pressing it with the chinless phones its like you would swipe up to go to home but you wuuld swipe down.

  40. Terrell Stephens

    Terrell Stephens

    2 일 전

    I watched this whole thing! 😳😂 This video was super-helpful in assisting me with understanding my new phone - iPhone 12 Pro Max - and you are super-engaging, so it was easy to make it all the way through. Thank you for this!

  41. андрей долгов

    андрей долгов

    2 일 전

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  42. Hossam Hosny

    Hossam Hosny

    2 일 전

    I thought that guy is Mark :)

    • My opinion doesn't matter but

      My opinion doesn't matter but

      2 일 전

      He is 😁

  43. tutacat


    2 일 전

    23:08 Ok marq so here's the thing: app developers should really be using the "choose/take photo" popup that uses the manufacturer's camera app, or if not you can still take the photo/video with the manufacturer's camera app and post it to snap/insta after And the viewfinder is the same ""camera feed"", just camera apps do more for stills than video, so capturing a frame of video won't be as good

  44. thinkman1234


    2 일 전

    When I woke my Mac this a.m., this YT Video was in my face for some unknown reason (I didn't start it before it went to sleep……), nevertheless, though I'd previously seen it, I watched it through to the end. BECAUSE……MKB is a Master Class in "How To Review"! Between his buttery smooth delivery to his reasonably unbiased (everyone has biases) content and dead-on productions, it's always evident to me why he's at the top of his game. There's a reason why MKB never has to scream in your face to SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON.

  45. андрей долгов

    андрей долгов

    2 일 전

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  46. Tek Minion

    Tek Minion

    2 일 전

    For me I hate the notch. I would take larger bezels like on the iPhone SE over the notch. I don’t mind the non 120z because I have that on my iPad Pro.

  47. Bivash Chaudhuri

    Bivash Chaudhuri

    3 일 전

    guys watch the whole its too much informative to miss and skip to the CONCLUSION and BTW use 4x playback speed

  48. Patrick Gauthier Kamgang

    Patrick Gauthier Kamgang

    3 일 전

    He cut me. I jumped to the conclusion

  49. Jim Emanuel

    Jim Emanuel

    3 일 전

    Excellent presentation for an old fogey numb skull like me. One thought, all the popular features were covered, except one. The phone. Since cell and smart phones have essentially replaced landlines, the phone is a critical feature. After all, it is called a "smart phone". Just an observation. Your experience?

    • My opinion doesn't matter but

      My opinion doesn't matter but

      2 일 전

      What do you mean by “the phone”?

  50. Sandy Lion

    Sandy Lion

    3 일 전

    The notch sucks because when you are looking at Tik Tok it cuts the top of the video Apple needs to fix that ASAP it sucks

  51. David Jarrah

    David Jarrah

    3 일 전

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    David Jarrah

    3 일 전

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  53. ns


    3 일 전

    Tell me how it's been 40 mins and I'm just starting to realize that I watched a review on a phone I had since the first week it released ...even after MKBHD gave us a disclaimer about it LOL

  54. Secret Intelligence Service

    Secret Intelligence Service

    3 일 전

    That is not what a conclusion is meant to be

  55. Nachiketa Kumar

    Nachiketa Kumar

    3 일 전

    I've been using iPhone XR for past 2 years and never realised it was 720p till now haha. It worked fine for me and I still like phone

  56. Kennybrink13


    3 일 전

    This video is amazing, I could watch these long form videos all the time

  57. Matthew Moselle

    Matthew Moselle

    3 일 전

    Please tell Apple to allow custom icons or customization of the native iOS UI. Long overdue. It’s like living under a dictatorship

  58. ROD9569


    3 일 전

    I have never set through any revew this long an it was damn good an on point how a review . I needed a hobby to get into an I was looking to get into iphone to start making photo art"Flat Lays" in spear time . Still not sure iphone 12 or max but you did a nice review...Thank you

  59. Elite


    3 일 전


  60. Bxxgey_man


    3 일 전

    I’m busy scrolling down looking for summary of the video. Ended up watching the whole video

  61. Mahery Lala

    Mahery Lala

    3 일 전

    *hears a JRE ref* *instantly likes the video* And then see Arun comment it too

  62. kobeisbose


    3 일 전

    Does anybody find it hard to care anymore? Like all the phones are great, largely they are only differentiated by price and eco system. The folding phones are not developed enough to be realistic for most people. I feel like innovation in the market is reaching the top of the S curve. That said MKBHD has gotten so smooth with the production that the videos are still watchable, props!

  63. Robert Abshear

    Robert Abshear

    3 일 전

    I turn off all vibration...lol

  64. Robert Abshear

    Robert Abshear

    3 일 전

    I'm glad you are a reviewer.

  65. Sam Joshua

    Sam Joshua

    4 일 전

    Super explanation awesome

  66. Adam Kaczmarski

    Adam Kaczmarski

    4 일 전

    Yes. Yes I do care about notch. It drives me nuts to this day

  67. ScreamingPixels


    4 일 전

    I’m an Apple fan boy. Have every product and having an iPhone from the beginning. But I hate: POOR CAMERAS and POOR DISPLAY REFRESH RATE. Once tried 144hz can’t see on the 60hz.

  68. Papi Dala

    Papi Dala

    4 일 전

    3rd time watching and it's still incredible

  69. Viper


    4 일 전

    I'm still sitting here with my 5 year old iphone 6s that's already at 0% battery

  70. 1523-SOURAV GUPTA


    4 일 전

    How is it possible that @technical guruji is not in the list.He has the highest subscribers in tech channel on KOdron..

  71. Mr Green

    Mr Green

    5 일 전

    I have a Galaxy Note 8. Would it be a good time to buy the iPhone 12 or should I wait for the 13 in your opinion?

    • RiotRailroad


      3 일 전

      If you can wait a few months the 12s will go down a bit

  72. Fred Iman

    Fred Iman

    5 일 전

    The worst phone I ever owned it's not updating it wants to restore

  73. Ebony Johnson

    Ebony Johnson

    5 일 전

    Love your videos. Keep up the great work. By chance were you ever on a kids TV show like on PBS or something about science?

  74. Daniel Living in Orlando formerly from Germany

    Daniel Living in Orlando formerly from Germany

    5 일 전

    What do you mean what you really think? Haven’t you been telling us what you really think? I never understand people who have videos of titles their “honest opinion“ haven’t even given her honest opinion?I know you’re clever cause I watch all your videos. I just don’t understand these title sometimes.

    • My opinion doesn't matter but

      My opinion doesn't matter but

      2 일 전

      Did you watch the beginning? Marques explains why in the first 2 minutes of the video…. The video is titled “What I really think” because his normal review videos don’t talk about all of the features of a new iPhone (due to the short amount of time he has with it). This video is basically him giving a full, in-depth review of the iPhone and him formulating an opinion bred through the prolonged time he had with the phone.

  75. ᒪYᑎᑎ ᑕ

    ᒪYᑎᑎ ᑕ

    5 일 전

    This dude is a great talker like he could be talking about sand and that will keep me entertained for 3hs

  76. Bonnie Burton

    Bonnie Burton

    5 일 전

    I like your channel you’re more friendly I love Apple products for a while but the guy on the last channel said your name allowed to go on the Apple store while I own an iPhone and I’m an Apple customer what are you gonna do if you need phone insurance apples usually been really great and everything but now it’s got to where it’s in possible to get the insurance one place was really nice to me sometimes I think Samsung galaxy I don’t know thanks for your video though

  77. Vincent Turner

    Vincent Turner

    5 일 전

    The only thing Apple is good at is the M 1 chip and HIGH PRICES!!

  78. Rob Williams

    Rob Williams

    5 일 전

    As an android user who has never owned an Apple product this is exactly the level of detail I want to see especially for someone considering dropping a grand on a piece of tech. Clear and knowledgeable delivery with great beauty shots so no wonder we all watched the whole thing. Great stuff.

  79. Corey Spangler

    Corey Spangler

    5 일 전

    you didn't have to call me out like that @46:00

  80. Stephen Dorsey

    Stephen Dorsey

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    I am always pro in depth reviews and topic discussions.

  81. Avishek Bose

    Avishek Bose

    5 일 전

    The video is a very well made one. Hats off to that. But this video was more of a iPhone promotion. For the positives, thumbs up to Apple. But for the negatives, people have gotten used to. Why? Both iOS & Android have their pros & cons, and we should appreciative of the same fact. Except for Apple pricing, which are ridiculously expensive in India. Plus there are no discounts. So for price sensitive markets, cost is an important parameter. All in all for the video, once again, very well made.

  82. hks071


    5 일 전

    Need more video like this for other big phone like Samsung.

  83. Lens of Loki

    Lens of Loki

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    Waveform podcast on main channel 😉 this needs to be a series

  84. -*KGB*-


    5 일 전

    apple cheapo with chargers. i switched from android to apple 3 weeks ago and i was disappointed with no power brick, thank God i have my Samsung chargers. greed to the max

  85. szabolcs torok

    szabolcs torok

    5 일 전

    I have an XR and it’s very useful still and the screen is very good… looks decent even compared to a 12 pro max

  86. Oh Keh

    Oh Keh

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    Is this the iPhone 12 Pro? Looking forward to 13 model I guess

  87. Oh Keh

    Oh Keh

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  88. Guilherme Cardoso

    Guilherme Cardoso

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    Wait wait, what phone was made just based on rumours?

  89. fmint63 ExtraOrdinar

    fmint63 ExtraOrdinar

    6 일 전

    No Apple refuse to Get Rid Of That Notch!!! So for yrs it's still basically The Same Old Design

  90. Michael Clark

    Michael Clark

    6 일 전

    loved your video watched the whole thing, but that's because, i just like discussion of all the nit picky things about the iphone. The only thing I would want that Iphone to have is it incorporate tones, IE have custom tones to work on apps like whats app, or Telegram, since you cant on iphone. You can choose the sounds that came w/ the phone yes, but even if you put your own sound, and you try to change it in that app so it plays the sound you imported to the phone it still wont let you choose it. That is my biggest issue w/ that whole thing. other than that 1 particular specific detail, i love everything else about the iphone. I had a iphone 11 for a week...... had to go back to android.

  91. Angela Robinson

    Angela Robinson

    6 일 전

    I made it to the end! Still love my Note 20 Ultra though! Can you recommend a good but reasonably priced video camera for a film student (my son)? Somewhere in the $1500 range?



    6 일 전

    Please someone help me get that iphone wallpaper that he puts on all three of the iphone 12s

  93. Rebel Records

    Rebel Records

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  94. Utsav D Kumar

    Utsav D Kumar

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    Yeah, and be as unbiased as you can be! Remember I said, as much as you can be. Cause we humans all got personal choices.😅😅

  95. Utsav D Kumar

    Utsav D Kumar

    6 일 전

    Probably too late here. But I would like one such video on Samsung S21Ultra or Samsung S21 Ultra vs iPhone12ProMax cause maybe Unbox Therapy just missed too many points which I saw very clearly!!!!

  96. Randy Orton

    Randy Orton

    6 일 전

    Playback speed: 1.5x. Enjoy😍

  97. Muerto


    6 일 전

    Galaxy Z Fold 2, being the best foldable phone: "King of what?" Another IPhone with no innovation and even some glaring flaws: "bUt dO yOu cArE?"

  98. Jz


    6 일 전

    This guy makes so many good points



    6 일 전

    Same video on Samsung.

  100. ayy


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    -an expectable feature mkbhd: amazing, revolutionary -a blatant flaw mkbhd: do you care?

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