Retro Tech: Teleportation

For decades people have dreamed of a technology that would allow them to instantly be somewhere else. I’m taking a deep dive into teleportation tech and the next best thing - virtual reality with Jake Baldino and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

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  1. Mandip Singh

    Mandip Singh

    일 전

    Can I get a MacBook I need for school but I don’t have enough money to buy it and I'm really poor

  2. Aidan Whittard

    Aidan Whittard

    4 일 전

    if vr becomes so good and so realistic, could we be experiencing the birth of an animus from assassin's creed? and how do we define the difference between time travel and teleportation with vr then

  3. Daveed Wells

    Daveed Wells

    5 일 전

    Hopefully they make traptation better and make a machine better so people can transform from place to place

  4. Daveed Wells

    Daveed Wells

    5 일 전

    Traptation is so dope and should be common

  5. jayypluss


    5 일 전

    Man your videos are awesome, it's been a while since I last watched, I used to watch you since like 2012 and I'm catching up now, but they've always been simply just amazing, I'm happy to see your progression over the years and the quality of image and content just getting better and better. Thanks for that!

  6. Arion


    6 일 전

    Before clicking on this video I already knew Neil will be there

  7. Ese Ukey

    Ese Ukey

    9 일 전

    There's nothing new under the sun...well, except improvement. 😁 And, there's no feeling as that feeling you get from the actual real experience.

  8. Brian Tristam Williams (BTW)

    Brian Tristam Williams (BTW)

    11 일 전


  9. Wathsala Rangajeewa

    Wathsala Rangajeewa

    12 일 전

    break the man in to molecules turn the molecules into energy transfer energy from one place to another then reconstruct atoms from energy and reconstruct the man without zero missing information. thats it.

  10. Tzeff's Main Channel

    Tzeff's Main Channel

    15 일 전

    9:40 Hey!!! It's Jake Baldino!! Who ain't bald! X)

  11. Renee Lynch

    Renee Lynch

    16 일 전

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    Renee Lynch

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  13. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez

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  14. rima Mukherjee

    rima Mukherjee

    19 일 전

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  15. Brandon Miller

    Brandon Miller

    20 일 전

    I saw Jake in this and lost my...

  16. pemb bini

    pemb bini

    23 일 전

    As far as teleporting on the planet at least the most likely future I see for that technology is a combination of virtual reality and holograms quite possibly tactile holograms that you can actually interact with and touch and feel. Now that might have some problems further down the line when we start wanting to use that technology to communicate to other planets you know maybe to interplanetary outposts. Hell at that point speed of light starts to become a problem and the latency would be far too high I think to give it the same feeling as it would on Earth where we're never far enough apart for latency to be an issue at this point. What blows my mind is we actually have the technology to do this now with the exception of the holograms since they're still pretty limited but it could be done. even the tactile holograms could theoretically be done in the next couple decades because we already have simple tactile sonic holograms. I've seen a small holographic elephant made from sound that you can feel walk around in the palm of your hand and that was developed several years ago already so imagine how far that's come along by now. I would be surprised if there is not a lab somewhere on the planet right now where they are developing or have likely already fully developed holographic virtual teleportation for communication purposes, somewhere like DARPA or some other super secret lab like that or maybe CERN, or even some students at MIT right now are working on it. I hope so because I really want to see this happen, I've always been a super future tech nerd of epic proportions, hell I was the only kid around whose hero, one of my to 3 favs anyway was and still is Ray Kurzweil. Clearly I would love to see this in my lifetime because we already live in the future but I can't wait to see truly futureist affirming tech like simulated teleportation.

  17. pemb bini

    pemb bini

    23 일 전

    Oh man I'm nostalgia tripping hard right now I used to have the ninja virtual reality set up when I was a kid

  18. Damyhan H

    Damyhan H

    23 일 전

    Neil de Grasse Heliocentric Mason and a great liar, the earth is flat even if it hurts

  19. KaJuan Weaver

    KaJuan Weaver

    24 일 전

    If we can learn to actually teleport, then I don’t think we’d be all too far away from time travel

  20. Athreya Paranthaman

    Athreya Paranthaman

    24 일 전

    "Retro tech" this is very futuristic tech.

  21. Nirav Parmar

    Nirav Parmar

    27 일 전

    I love Neil too

  22. Oscar Grotz

    Oscar Grotz

    27 일 전


  23. JCtechwizard


    29 일 전

    OMFG the transporter toy playset from Star Trek TNG!! (1990s, Playmates). I had one of those as a kid, in fact I still have it in storage. My geek is showing...

  24. Tigh Gunderson

    Tigh Gunderson

    개월 전

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  25. Blaze Cailyn

    Blaze Cailyn

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  26. Adam W

    Adam W

    개월 전

    I think the best humans can ever get to teleportation is having a holographic version of ourselves in another location. Not necessarily moving physically there

  27. Seif Boumegouas

    Seif Boumegouas

    개월 전

    Can you imagine what it means when a 160 warplanes, which are the most destructive and advanced in the world, to launch 450 raids in 40 minutes, attacking a besieged area in a specific geographical area? This is what happened last night in the North Gaza Strip. It was like hell in every sense of a word. We can’t believe that the sun has rise again from the intensity and horror of what happened.

  28. DarthTensor


    개월 전

    Best tech series on youtube...

  29. ᛘᚱ ᚠᛚᛅᛏ ᚦᛁ ᚴᚢᛁᚴᚴ ᚠᛁᛏᛏᛁᛏ

    ᛘᚱ ᚠᛚᛅᛏ ᚦᛁ ᚴᚢᛁᚴᚴ ᚠᛁᛏᛏᛁᛏ

    개월 전

    Full dive technology would satisfy the teleportation curiosity.

  30. Mateo Carpenter

    Mateo Carpenter

    개월 전

    dose he know that there is a show called dope or nope

  31. Kastjels


    개월 전

    *"We was on the moon..."* Well, that was funny😂*

  32. Yuan Perez

    Yuan Perez

    개월 전

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  33. Tanmay shreshth

    Tanmay shreshth

    개월 전

    so you mean we could teleport Your self but it would not be you OMG I mean if brain cells could transfer and you could remember everything that would not be easier either

  34. Israel Ayeni

    Israel Ayeni

    개월 전

    "What is Real!"- Now that's a deep question!!!!

  35. waterwolf


    개월 전

    half life pog

  36. Aethelen


    개월 전

    This episode should be renamed to: Virtual Reality. I can see no correlation between teleportation and VR... Srsly man...

  37. Nektarios Karanikas

    Nektarios Karanikas

    개월 전

    I see Neil de Grasse Tyson, I like the video. Simple as that.

  38. V.S.M.O CH

    V.S.M.O CH

    개월 전


  39. Nor Din

    Nor Din

    개월 전

    This is great.

  40. Spectru


    개월 전

    scientists dont have a clue? yes they do.. just not for the average human being... the military already have this tech... wake up

  41. Chole Calciferol

    Chole Calciferol

    개월 전

    🤔 Teleportation: 1) Put your body into a coma. 2) Compress your consciousness/brain data (.bin ?) 3) Delete original data aka brain. (Gutmann ?) 4) Make the copy avaliable via github - public or private - your choice! 5) You will be anywhere!

  42. Christopher Damant

    Christopher Damant

    개월 전

    apparently 32-bit vr is bad for you who would've guessed?

  43. Luis Castro

    Luis Castro

    개월 전

    Is this Netflix? Mkbhd just gets better and better, god damn

  44. Mahela Dilshan

    Mahela Dilshan

    개월 전


  45. Suman Das

    Suman Das

    개월 전


  46. phillip norton

    phillip norton

    개월 전

    Brain in a jar

  47. Siddhartha Shankar Dey

    Siddhartha Shankar Dey

    개월 전

    G L A S S M O R P H I S M I N T R O plzzzzzz

  48. валера сенченков

    валера сенченков

    개월 전




    개월 전

    The virutalboy is something I want to try

  50. Emily Gladser

    Emily Gladser

    개월 전

    But could we teleport non-sentient items, like a paper clip? He makes it sound like it’s possible to transport molecules so long as they are able to hold the information of its assembly... with the exception of things like memories and brain synapses. But paper clips and objects don’t have those things. Could we teleport items, but not humans?

  51. Kikadass


    개월 전

    I like the philosophical question of people appreciating being there physically even though you could have the same experience in VR. But for me teleportation is not just for sightseeing, but being able to travel quickly. If teleportation was slower than taking the train/plane/car... whats the point of it? Imagine having breakfast with your dad (being able to hug him) in the UK at 9am (9am BST = 6pm ACT) and putting your kids to sleep, giving them a kiss on the forehead the same day in Australia! Thats the magic of teleportation.

  52. Martin Aasa

    Martin Aasa

    개월 전

    3:25 instantaneous and speed of light do not go hand in hand at all, that lady gotta listen to some Neil Degrasse Tyson.

  53. Thief


    개월 전

    "Dope or Nope" ...sad *Matthias* noises

  54. It’s Cesar btch

    It’s Cesar btch

    개월 전

    Hate this show it doesn’t tell you about how the government has tech that is 11 years ahead of what they let us know and that they wouldn’t ever give people power like this because that would make them less powerful.

  55. Ricardo Ortiz

    Ricardo Ortiz

    개월 전

    I love the way that, Tyson breaks down the science on teleportation.

  56. Beta Male

    Beta Male

    개월 전

    Can we please talk about the guy playing a vr game that makes him a cow?! He was on all fours and the screen above him just showed a cow.....

  57. Preston Fernandes

    Preston Fernandes

    개월 전

    How did we go from Marques reviewing an HP laptop remote to Marques talking about Teleportation with Neil de Grasse Tyson

  58. Ninjardo Olive

    Ninjardo Olive

    개월 전

    I was not expecting this episode being about virtual reality.

  59. Badcap Games

    Badcap Games

    개월 전

    15:08 this dude made the Oculus, ive been tryna get the quest for a while now

  60. James Gadson

    James Gadson

    개월 전

    I think another interesting way to simulate the feeling of teleportation similar to VR, would be to create a way for a person to be in one place with a VR set up or mesh exo-suit on, and be able to manipulate the environment of in another location. Possibly "puppeteering" a robot that stands in your place of some sort that moves as you move, or moves as you direct with immersive tech. Def. not used in public but at home if youre at work, or at work if you want to work literally work from home lol just an interesting idea..

  61. Aryan Kumar

    Aryan Kumar

    개월 전

    Why does this guy look like Mr.Bean? 8:54

  62. J. Lee McCon.

    J. Lee McCon.

    개월 전

    Look up the movie “Lawnmower Man”. Writers had some serious foresight.

  63. Spilt Tea

    Spilt Tea

    개월 전

    Mark ass brownie

  64. Niper XD

    Niper XD

    개월 전

    15:42 Trypophobic homies, I see you there !

  65. Bionic0ne


    개월 전

    I'm glad to hear an actual scientist say the same thing I've always thought about teleportation.. Sure, you can break me down and rebuild me somewhere else... but is it really me? And to take it even further, if the existence of a "spirit" is real... can we even then call a complete copy with complete memories us still? Would our existence blip out as a clone existence continues on as if nothing ended? Your experience as you could end as your shell continues on living life as if nothing happened.

  66. Henry Lau

    Henry Lau

    개월 전

    it sounds like teleportation is just to have yourself killed and have yourself cloned somewhere else.

  67. Tree Of Life

    Tree Of Life

    개월 전

    g . . .

  68. Colonel Angus

    Colonel Angus

    개월 전

    Finally a role that requires you to suck! Some would say clickbait, others would say use a portal instead, (our military does), you, I would say a waste of fucking time.

  69. Robbe Nagel

    Robbe Nagel

    개월 전

    I believe the most realistic path to teleportation is by using two technologies that are currently in its baby shoes: cognitive reading/manipulation (stuff like Neuralink) and cloning or robotics. Why go through all the effort of physically moving a body? In the end, it's just about where your mind is located. When we succeed in reading the brain and uploading information to the brain, we can have either a human clone of ourselves or a robotic replacement wherever we want to teleport to, and upload our mind to that location.

  70. corb


    개월 전

    what shit

  71. Tynan McGrady

    Tynan McGrady

    개월 전

    Clicked on tech video expecting teleportation. Nothing about teleportation here, just a shitty VR headset ad. Maybe something to do with teleportation at the very least. xD

  72. Alexander Sergal

    Alexander Sergal

    개월 전

    i always wondered if it would be possible to save a whole physical body as data on a computer and then be able to take them out of the computer

  73. Electronium


    개월 전

    I predicted that this episode would be about VR and I am satisfied.

  74. Bradl Hinojos

    Bradl Hinojos

    개월 전

    I thought he said foreplay 1:42

  75. bort


    개월 전

    If you really think about it IQ is just a hoax, honestly, teleportation isn't hard you just have to come to your senses. We, humans, have surpassed technology a few mere decades ago, a child can create a teleportation device by accident. Think about that.

  76. Mike Vides

    Mike Vides

    개월 전

    Really interesting video! Though I think the Virtual Reality connection is very tenuous and received way too much screen time here. I wasn't sure how the double slit experiment connected to teleportation, but you did a good job of wrapping it in without spending too much time on that tangent. Would have liked to have seen less VR (in that vein) and more discussion of quantum teleportation.

  77. Matija Kukec

    Matija Kukec

    개월 전

    Hey Marques, do you ever think that one of the millions of people watching your videos might be motivated enough to make it come true for the people of the world? Now that is awesome!

  78. Steven Hill

    Steven Hill

    개월 전

    I remember in middle school there was a book in the library that I was obsessed with. It was about technology that we would have in the future. It said by 2005, we would be able to teleport from our house to the mall lol I ACTUALLY believed this was going to happen

  79. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader

    개월 전

    They've literally teleported particles from earth to a satellite and back using quantum entanglement, no mention in a video on teleportation

  80. creston hardcastle

    creston hardcastle

    개월 전

    No thanks I don't want that or to go back to the past and revisit the past. I don't want to live like star trek on another planet. Planet earth can be difficult enough to live on at times with people not caring about others or how they effect others like a ripple effect. This is crestons wife. People are always looking for a way to escape their problems just to take them wherever they go even if people could live on another planet they would find a way to take their problems with them and ruin it look at Californians with living relocating to texas.

  81. Samaan Jukaku

    Samaan Jukaku

    개월 전

    The day a perfect brain computer interface develops, teleportation will be done easily

  82. J I

    J I

    개월 전

    Wouldn't the holodeck be the ideal virtual reality?

  83. KrazyKid9000 (KrazyKid9000)

    KrazyKid9000 (KrazyKid9000)

    개월 전

    I don't think rematerializing is a good idea. In theory, when you rematerialize, the machine is copying every single molecule in your body and rebuilding it somewhere else, but the problem with this is that it's essentially making a copy of you and deleting your old self. Like Neil deGrasse Tyson said, that physical clone of you is not YOU until it has the memories of your brain, but I disagree. When you take a computer file and copy and paste it, the second file is the EXACT same file information-wise (it has all the memories, etc.), but it's not the EXACT same file because it's just a clone. It would technically do the same things and serve the same purpose, but the original file was deleted, and this would mean that if it happened to us, we would just be cloning ourselves, building the clone, then killing ourselves. We would be dead, but no one else would notice because the clone would completely replace us in every way. I wouldn't want to replace myself and kill myself for the sole purpose of transportation.

  84. Bridges Gijsbers

    Bridges Gijsbers

    개월 전

    My buddy had a virtual boy, sickest console

  85. Michael Clark

    Michael Clark

    개월 전

    Teleportation is not moving you, it destroys you then makes a new copy in a new location. It may be a perfect copy down to the quantum level but the original you is very much dead.

  86. Sean Omight

    Sean Omight

    개월 전

    neil degrass doesn't even believe his shit. He's said so himself. So why would you ask someone that doesn't give a shit about the show he's the most known for?

  87. Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    개월 전

    The problem is it will kill you the solution is it might not kill you

  88. Official Travis Turner

    Official Travis Turner

    개월 전

    I believe that it is not possible

  89. Nursetruman


    개월 전

    Almost 70 and just came across your , love, love it!, how refreshing.

  90. Tandoori


    개월 전

    Love this retro tech series

  91. pm. cia

    pm. cia

    개월 전

    lmao 14:10

  92. pm. cia

    pm. cia

    개월 전

    lmao 13:38

  93. Taiming YuenJames

    Taiming YuenJames

    개월 전

    It would take 10 trillion gigawatt-hours of power to teleport a human. "Teleporting one human being would therefore require hogging the entire UK power supply for more than a million years and take some 4.8 million million years to transfer - or about 350,000 times longer than the universe has existed. It would literally be quicker to walk."

  94. Bryant Fuller

    Bryant Fuller

    개월 전

    Watching this going from Star Trek to VR to with Neil the Matrix to Total Recall (injectable memories)

  95. Daniel A

    Daniel A

    개월 전

    could have been a cool video, but I wasn't a fan of conflating teleportation with simulation theory. VR is not the same thing as teleporting molecules from one location to another. That was a relatively big stretch.

  96. Maya


    개월 전

    is that dirty blonde/light brown haired man with a beard the same as the man from buzzfeed unsolved...? I think his name was Shane

  97. Eric Alex Anderson

    Eric Alex Anderson

    개월 전

    after all of this im convinced we would have to learn how to stop time/freeze time in a room to make this happen. which is insane.

  98. OneGladAnt hs

    OneGladAnt hs

    개월 전

    Marques: we review tech from the past..... So have u heard abt teleporteration Me: 😮

  99. kengy montesino

    kengy montesino

    개월 전

    and they cant fix lag 🤔

  100. Dust Storm

    Dust Storm

    개월 전

    We already have a teleporter. Mine is a Cadillac.

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