Top 5 Mercedes EQS Features: Electric Luxury!

This is the perfect type of car to go electric... but I'd still rather be driven in this car than drive it! The 2022 Mercedes EQS

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  1. John P

    John P

    7 시간 전

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  2. Marco Antonio Paterno

    Marco Antonio Paterno

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    Владислав Галютин

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  4. Emmanuel Mulenga

    Emmanuel Mulenga

    일 전

    Wow, this is amazing.

  5. The A-Man42

    The A-Man42

    일 전

    Idk if anyone responded to ur end question (if they did cool im sorry but i cant see it through the pile of other comments) but ill answer it… Eqs, 100%. Much better looking interior, hyperscreen, plenty of space, good performance (even tho the s class does have better performance), much sleeker, quieter, cleaner, longer lasting. My only gripe with both is price - would be great if people could just drop super expensive cars in other people’s driveways tho

  6. Kill_Xavier


    일 전

    Gas version🙌🏼☠️

  7. Josarsif


    일 전

    Markes: "The car is not revealed yet" Markes *reveals the car at 4:27 *

  8. Jerimiah Henley

    Jerimiah Henley

    일 전

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  9. Magic2go


    2 일 전

    I love deutsches Auto.

  10. Proto Gaming

    Proto Gaming

    2 일 전

    Why does it feel like tires is the one thing that’s looks bad in all this cars. There has been zero innovation in car tires.

  11. Tameem Khan

    Tameem Khan

    2 일 전

    5:43 he says when I look at the left mirror it knows where I am looking , look at his hand its controlling the mirror!!!!!!

  12. Tameem Khan

    Tameem Khan

    2 일 전

    5 43

  13. Tameem Khan

    Tameem Khan

    2 일 전


  14. Ese Ukey

    Ese Ukey

    3 일 전

    MKBHD: "Mercedes, tell me a joke" Mercedes: "A joke, lol." 😂

  15. Broderick Cuevas

    Broderick Cuevas

    4 일 전

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    Broderick Cuevas

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  17. peace mosendame

    peace mosendame

    4 일 전


  18. Steelflex


    5 일 전

    Cool Still not a Tesla.

  19. Ravi Kumar

    Ravi Kumar

    5 일 전

    In the end, it's a German company. You should celebrate that at least you are getting the software.

  20. tbspezial


    6 일 전

    Gott liebt Daimler

  21. NoobieTaco


    6 일 전

    I drive an f150 right now and I can tell you I would buy the lightning over any truck. My only problem is that I live in a row home so no garage. No place to charge. Something needs to change in the world with that portion of buying an electric. Right now without a garage EV charging just isn't available enough.

  22. eddieair23


    6 일 전

    Legendary car review!! What color are you getting ?!?

  23. Aditya Rautela

    Aditya Rautela

    7 일 전

    "Sorry my engineer's are german " -mercedes

  24. Ran Smiley

    Ran Smiley

    7 일 전

    What's the point of this video lol, because the car is ugly af ,no one is that dedicated to mercedes to get this car.

  25. Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström

    7 일 전

    I really wonder how many that buy this car that will ever use this individual stuff. Rich people with familys don't buy sedans. They buy stupid SUVs. 90% of all these will be leases to salesmen driving this thing alone for 85% of their time. A lot of wasted electronics for no use at all.

  26. Wasim Helwani

    Wasim Helwani

    7 일 전

    Notice nothing in the review is about driving a car hahaha omg

  27. Ethan Yang

    Ethan Yang

    7 일 전

    tsla tsla tsla

  28. UUB Repus

    UUB Repus

    7 일 전

    Cant they use ipad mini 2020 AT LEAST? i mean Tab 4 from 7 years ago? come on Merc

  29. UUB Repus

    UUB Repus

    7 일 전

    This car has more usb ports than most of Apple products. lol

  30. khalid oujja

    khalid oujja

    7 일 전

    11:56 Mercedes is listening to you trash talking its screen

  31. Krishna S

    Krishna S

    8 일 전

    55 inch ?

  32. Slimjob Dopamine

    Slimjob Dopamine

    8 일 전

    Interior ui is funny that tablet is old as the dickens

  33. Y E A H

    Y E A H

    9 일 전

    Dislikes are from Tesla people 😂

  34. Dev


    9 일 전


  35. BuildersUS


    9 일 전

    The plaid model S smokes this thing no cap

  36. the reaper

    the reaper

    10 일 전

    it will be very cool to buy this mercedes & test all of it's features , but you've probably heard the saying "living in mars is cool but home is home " it's the same with this car like it'll be cool to be in this car , but for the regular guy or costumer , a regular gaz version of mercedes is enough because at the end of the day ,he's going to transport from a location to the other , it's not a bad idea , but a lot of it's new features will be ignored by the time ,& that will lead us to an answer for marques's would you rather question which is going to be the usage of a gaz version of mercedes . that's just my point of view about the whole idea thanks :D

  37. haroo86


    10 일 전

    Rule 1#... no eating Spaghetti in the car... EVER...I know .. I KNOW how damn good it is!

  38. tgdtown


    11 일 전

    LOL! I Pass On The Gas!!!

  39. Richard Coben

    Richard Coben

    11 일 전

    I really enjoy your videos. Thanks for all the great information you provide for us.

  40. Arthur Hark

    Arthur Hark

    11 일 전

    This ia the most hackable car I've ever seen

  41. PeXis


    11 일 전

    The concept version of this car is one of the coolest looking cars I've ever seen but of course the production version looks like shit compared to it.

  42. choboutube


    12 일 전

    LOL. 'My engineers are German'. Genius. Amazing car. I can't afford this, but hopefully some of it will trickle down to the EQA that I plan to get in a year or two. Ioniq 6 looks tempting too.

  43. Operation Search Gate

    Operation Search Gate

    12 일 전

    Bruh. You ran a stop sign lol

  44. Chris Kerr

    Chris Kerr

    12 일 전

    It looks just like a Tesla from the side view

  45. Kevin Binnie

    Kevin Binnie

    12 일 전

    In answer to your question, 100% electric. I am in the process of selling my MB ML350 and buying an electric car. This one is sadly out of my range, but I LOVE the build quality of my Mercedes! It has a lot of the features that you mentioned, like parkassist, which have been around since around 2014, and it also has the worst software of any vehicle. There is an option on my car for apple carplay support, but at $800, I gave it a pass. The navigation is clunky and slow: I just have a phone mount and use Google Maps if I need to go somewhere I haven't been.

  46. Harry Carson

    Harry Carson

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    EQS over a gas powered equivalent

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  51. magic2506


    13 일 전

    another 200,000.00 car for the 1%. At least someone will enjoy it.

  52. Nithiyan Sandhya

    Nithiyan Sandhya

    13 일 전

    My dad planned to get this car when realesed

  53. Neuronwhisperer


    13 일 전

    The software is pretty amazing, it's just the UI that's shit. And that is a difference because it's a one time big investment to upgrade that

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    Brandi Privett

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  58. TheArkitekk


    15 일 전

    Dude, you're a stud. Mercedes offering 69

  59. acatnamedharmony


    15 일 전

    The quality heads up display with arrows and speed is that displayed on the windshield? I feel slightly confused having never seen anything like that before outside of Need For Speed.

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    Spoof 01

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    15 일 전

    Elon be like 😒😒

  63. Dominique Hall

    Dominique Hall

    16 일 전

    white interior.... what am I 70?

  64. Janine Durham

    Janine Durham

    16 일 전

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  65. Chicken Lopez

    Chicken Lopez

    16 일 전

    Markass Brownie

  66. christopher mirambeaux

    christopher mirambeaux

    16 일 전


  67. Christine Ferrera

    Christine Ferrera

    16 일 전

    Yes! My preference Mercedes electric version. Yes, thanks for the detailed review. It's been my screen saver on each device. 2022!

  68. dreamEater99


    16 일 전

    EQS in a heartbeat

  69. Sham God

    Sham God

    16 일 전

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  70. Chellina Achol

    Chellina Achol

    16 일 전

    Electric duh... merely for the sake of the planet first and foremost. That tablet and low pixel screen are turn offs tho. Thanks for the honest review !

  71. David Estate

    David Estate

    16 일 전

    I would choose this car even though I love the sound of a gasoline engine but as the future roles out more and move EV, I think that Mercedes with it's history of bringing things new to the market, like Power windows, Auto front Wipers, Heated seats and of course ABS. All the things people enjoy today because of Mercedes as the leader in front end vehicle tech and luxury. I think Tesla is boring looking now and think less about how fast it is. This car just looks amazing and appealing to the eyes to look and sit in.

  72. Rickbearcat


    16 일 전

    I can't have either or. I HAVE to have the gas version. I have zero ability to plug in the car overnight where I live.

  73. serkan canak

    serkan canak

    17 일 전

    great and honest review

  74. James Smith

    James Smith

    17 일 전

    I gotta say, that is one lazy, boring body design. The Dodge Intrepid’s body has more style than that.

  75. Thomas Barrett

    Thomas Barrett

    17 일 전

    imagine spilling a drink in that thing tho

  76. Benjamin Dunlap

    Benjamin Dunlap

    17 일 전

    I would love to EQS version of this car more so than the gas version of that car. Is this car fully autonomous?

  77. Vo Quang Minh

    Vo Quang Minh

    17 일 전

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  78. Chetan Rohila

    Chetan Rohila

    19 일 전

    Elon is scared

  79. Tulio Fonseca

    Tulio Fonseca

    19 일 전

    Electric version for sure

  80. Neguse Negest

    Neguse Negest

    19 일 전

    I would rather the EQS, allday!!

  81. Parth Dickson

    Parth Dickson

    19 일 전

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  82. Osirex


    19 일 전

    I just really don't like how round Mercedes is. It just looks weird to me

  83. Master HD

    Master HD

    20 일 전

    Mercedes EQS

  84. King Eris

    King Eris

    20 일 전

    Electric is power. Power is emissions. So stop with the bullshit that electric cars are going to save earth. Wrong. I would love to know how many libs actually know how they are going to supply electricity to billions of cars. You really say you care about the planet then WALK. Live in a tent. Stop using power stop flying stop using your stove. Of course your not going to do that. That’s just ridiculous. Liberals will destroy earth long before anything else

  85. Nick Van

    Nick Van

    20 일 전


  86. Miles Scarbrough

    Miles Scarbrough

    20 일 전

    Electric will never replace ICE with a stick

  87. Havsgg Tsvwga

    Havsgg Tsvwga

    20 일 전

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  89. Fish Texas Coast

    Fish Texas Coast

    20 일 전

    No self driving?

  90. Edwin (Ed D)

    Edwin (Ed D)

    20 일 전

    The dead critter on the ground

  91. Mark Salamon

    Mark Salamon

    20 일 전

    Is it weird that I stopped wanting this car after I saw the samsung tab in the backseat.

  92. Kyle Patel

    Kyle Patel

    20 일 전

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  93. JP


    20 일 전


  94. Marvin Ince

    Marvin Ince

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  95. Việt Nguyễn

    Việt Nguyễn

    20 일 전

    UI is not as smooth as silk. Tech enthusiast need that more than the car :D

  96. Dario Molina

    Dario Molina

    21 일 전

    Nope....neither will do it. Tesla is Chevy and MB is Jaguar of old. Great looks crappy everything else.

  97. John Smith

    John Smith

    21 일 전

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  98. Reclusive Ghost

    Reclusive Ghost

    21 일 전

    The car is wrapped with that weird wrap-foil, but you can see how the car looks like at 4:30.

  99. PC TEC

    PC TEC

    22 일 전

    This interior will get dirty so fast no hate thou it looks sick! Gamers be like “I found my car!”

  100. kloparen


    22 일 전

    I would never buy an old gas engine.

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