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  1. FlyWithMe666


    19 시간 전

    The big one is better.

  2. Abhijit Mhasagar

    Abhijit Mhasagar

    19 시간 전

    thats ridiculous design. just make everything big

  3. Warren Shelly

    Warren Shelly

    19 시간 전

    The testy archer fortuitously scratch because hallway neurobiologically supply of a precious venezuelan. steadfast, cold planet

  4. 420MadBloke


    19 시간 전

    rebranded raycons lol??

  5. Sowadade


    19 시간 전

    Is that a Warlock helmet in the background from D2? .-.

  6. Victorivanov


    19 시간 전

    What’s wrong with the chin? It’s a signature look for an iMac since the G5 (2004).

  7. Ese Ukey

    Ese Ukey

    19 시간 전

    Cute ride.

  8. Abhishek Sarkhel

    Abhishek Sarkhel

    20 시간 전

    Please review Bose QC earbuds

  9. thenet0120002


    20 시간 전

    It's more about ego than quality ! There is no reason to pay $300- $400 headphones. I like that they tried to make headphones cool and adding base is good. Bose covers all the bases as far as real quality. There are other high end makers but the problem is tinny sounding high end and muddy mids with so-so base. It would be wonderful to have in your ears that covers all the bases while being bluetooth. Noise cancel is great but it runs down a battery. Play time is all over the map.

  10. Blind Gamér

    Blind Gamér

    20 시간 전

    How your screen is so clean

  11. Darshan Prajapati

    Darshan Prajapati

    20 시간 전

    Got it for 380$ 😂

  12. Honeybaby


    20 시간 전

    Some people really like the pastels and are so so about the silver or space grey.

  13. Ese Ukey

    Ese Ukey

    20 시간 전

    First phones in a lot of functionalities...first phones in the group of phones to... die. Just to add, LG should sell their "hidden" ideas to other still alive phone manufacturers.

  14. Pulsating Sausage Boy

    Pulsating Sausage Boy

    20 시간 전

    No I wouldn’t buy them. Maybe if they came out with some new and improved Beats over ear headphones I’d consider those but they’d have to have better midrange.

  15. Bian55X Remix

    Bian55X Remix

    20 시간 전

    Oneplus otw to become oppo 🤵🏻

  16. Omom Gemez

    Omom Gemez

    20 시간 전

    4:22 damn that specs!!!!

  17. Parwana Ferozy

    Parwana Ferozy

    20 시간 전

    Back in

  18. Robert Kruk

    Robert Kruk

    20 시간 전

    Drop the mask bro

  19. Pin-Wu Yu

    Pin-Wu Yu

    20 시간 전

    i recently just updated my ios to 12, on the iphone 8

  20. Daim ali

    Daim ali

    20 시간 전

    I am unable to have precision direction option 🥲

  21. サーレフ


    20 시간 전

    It is the dumbest speaker! Thank god I didn’t buy it.

  22. Rawad Asfar

    Rawad Asfar

    20 시간 전

    i live in damascus 😍 but dbrand dont deliver there

  23. Billy Lyons

    Billy Lyons

    20 시간 전

    It is not shatter resistant, my friend dropped it and shattered the whole back.

  24. tamim fedaie

    tamim fedaie

    20 시간 전




    21 시간 전

    Me watching all the videos in 360p : intersting

  26. Susan Padmo

    Susan Padmo

    21 시간 전

    I think I'm psycho cause I watched this 50 minute video 2 times.

  27. Vrushabh Gudade

    Vrushabh Gudade

    21 시간 전

    I started the company??

  28. mitCH zz

    mitCH zz

    21 시간 전

    and mk joined the Illimanti.. well that's sad. hope he gets back to his senses :(

  29. ٌRidicuolus


    21 시간 전

    That ps5 is the sexiest thing I've ever seen

  30. Alberto Weinstein

    Alberto Weinstein

    21 시간 전

    Can you review the horrible raycons?

  31. Viewer


    21 시간 전

    His face is the only thing that low resolution here 👀



    21 시간 전


  33. Godzilla King of the monsters 2

    Godzilla King of the monsters 2

    21 시간 전

    Apple is the fastest

  34. Skrill Dilly (Fresh-Droid TV)

    Skrill Dilly (Fresh-Droid TV)

    21 시간 전

    I swear you sound like a HATERRRRRRR 😂... You know I'm a REAL sound engineer and I definitely mix with my Sennheiser's ONLY!!! But for playback mixing almost all Mastering and final mixes we use the car radio and BEATS BY DRE to get a real-world listen outside my original mix and pro equipment because the average consumer is not going to hear what I hear or use what we use.

  35. Godzilla King of the monsters 2

    Godzilla King of the monsters 2

    21 시간 전

    It’s sus

  36. arshia amiri

    arshia amiri

    21 시간 전

    PlayStation 5 in Iran is not good right now .. because it is very expensive ..but I am very happy with it because the game graphics are very good and the new games that came are not good right now and the game console is very good and the console is very big and very sexy شده

  37. QkotmanYT


    21 시간 전

    Someone just tried to sell this to me so I checked on YT and MKBHD to the rescue.

  38. pan kaburek

    pan kaburek

    21 시간 전

    He hated layout 12 years ago Now he can destroy his computer

  39. burns0100


    21 시간 전

    It would be smart for Apple to take Beats down the line of being multi platform compatible like these are. Because Apple will focus on their own products for iPhone and can use Beats to target a completely difference group of people. Why own two companies and make them do the same thing afterall?

  40. burns0100


    21 시간 전

    I think for me nothing compares to the conveniences and functionality that I get from the Powerbeats Pros. That amazing battery life, great sound profile being relatively flat and their ability to stay in my ears all day without budging. These seem like a cheaper go at them minus all the sports utility too. Sound seems more on the bass heavy side though as I feel these are again intended for a more casual listening experience. Powerbeats Pro's like the Airpods Pro's carry that Pro label which I guess Apple use to determine if something gets more time put into it for sound quality and build quality because so far that's held true. Beats are far better now then they have ever been but for me I've always stuff to owning their more premium line of products. My first pair of headphones from them was the Beats Pro's I got for 70% off for like $180 then I stuck with all of the Powerbeats range until the pro's came out. Now I basically live in them for anything I do casually like KOdron or on the go music. Anything Audiophile level and I swap to my Sennheiser HD599's.

  41. Nonius9


    21 시간 전

    What M1 does integrating different chips is not new, and is not a problem (change the entire M1 chip would do the trick). The problem is that all tech now IS DESIGN to avoid repairability. Is not a coincidence or an inevitable consequence of the technological progress. The question is: if we cannot fix our devices, the manufacturer have the control of how the device is behaving or what can do (OS updates), data companies like Facebook/Google/Apple are taking our data to show ads when they want (not us), deciding what ads we want to watch... ARE THE DEVICES OURS???

  42. Jack M.

    Jack M.

    22 시간 전

    Haha watching this video and realizing ITS STILL IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY PS5

  43. Lunar Forlife

    Lunar Forlife

    22 시간 전

    I have 10 wireless headphones that are better then beats

  44. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    22 시간 전

    NEW FEATURE: Allow us to mute notifications and sounds during voice call.

  45. w3t80y123


    22 시간 전

    you need to iron your tshirt

  46. The Wandering Musician

    The Wandering Musician

    22 시간 전

    Idk he seems a bit biased towards apple.

  47. SoCalledMemer


    22 시간 전

    This guy: its hard for people to reach the top of this phone bcs of its big display (6.1 inches) Me watching with 6.9 inches display : *NOOBS*

  48. Adv. Ankur Saraswat

    Adv. Ankur Saraswat

    22 시간 전


  49. RHW


    22 시간 전

    ''i wish there was a bigger iphone plus'' apple: allow me to, tactically borrow this idea

  50. kuyang tampan

    kuyang tampan

    22 시간 전

    looks like miui 12 ui

  51. Tech Tagged

    Tech Tagged

    22 시간 전


  52. Tech Tagged

    Tech Tagged

    22 시간 전


  53. Dinusha K.Perera

    Dinusha K.Perera

    22 시간 전

    Just like tesla .Nothing special at all

  54. Trenton Bright

    Trenton Bright

    22 시간 전

    How did i not know you could long press power and volume to turn the phone off, its been three years…

  55. Harshavardhan chatakonda

    Harshavardhan chatakonda

    22 시간 전

    Its always worth waiting for a well polished feature with a deeper integration because at the end the utilzation and the intention of creating one will be fulfilled.

  56. Sudhansh Singh

    Sudhansh Singh

    22 시간 전

    The thumbnail looked like you were holding a machine gun 😂😂

  57. Telugu troll master sk

    Telugu troll master sk

    22 시간 전

    2021 watching

  58. Akhtar Muhammad hassan G#7 leader

    Akhtar Muhammad hassan G#7 leader

    22 시간 전


  59. Subbulakshmi Prakasam

    Subbulakshmi Prakasam

    22 시간 전

    I love the notification shade man 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  60. srjuanjo


    22 시간 전

    I thought that the tablet was an iPad, it’s almost identical, as usual Samsung innovating

  61. Subbulakshmi Prakasam

    Subbulakshmi Prakasam

    22 시간 전

    What will happen to Samsung's one ui with material ui ?? Please give some hints mkbhd

  62. christian smith jr

    christian smith jr

    23 시간 전

    The bass has the hit the belly not the head

  63. christian smith jr

    christian smith jr

    23 시간 전

    Bbe sonic maximizer

  64. christian smith jr

    christian smith jr

    23 시간 전

    Belly Button earphone. Bbe

  65. 69.mp4


    23 시간 전

    well the curved edge is the reason samsung sold S8 and S9 in 7 digit figures , and i love the edges

  66. akeel audifa

    akeel audifa

    23 시간 전

    mans need to iron his shirt

  67. Mahibul Roni

    Mahibul Roni

    23 시간 전

    Marques, you're the best Tech Tuber on planet earth.

  68. Bob Whyte

    Bob Whyte

    23 시간 전

    Very good 👍🏻



    23 시간 전

    “They didn’t sound that good to audiophiles to people who actually care about sound quality” I am satisfied with this review.

  70. david meithof

    david meithof

    23 시간 전

    Those pants though lol

  71. Nisha Shagufta

    Nisha Shagufta

    23 시간 전

    1:10 ijustine 2:34 ijustine 1:48 technical guruji

  72. Andre


    23 시간 전

    I am that guy 🥺 cod mobile 🥴

  73. yutsuneki


    23 시간 전

    21:9 is ridiculous

  74. Suresh Gadkar

    Suresh Gadkar

    23 시간 전

    This gaming phone is bold and sharp

  75. Luke Worsley

    Luke Worsley

    23 시간 전

    Does anyone know what the difference is in regard to using this for procreate? Only going to be needing a iPad for this app.

  76. Lal Lawmzuali

    Lal Lawmzuali

    23 시간 전

    Man...u r really a 1+ guy! They've copied apple in that they intentionally slowed down the 1+8 lineup so that thei owners would have to choose the 9series coz smartphones have become such an integral part of our lives t-at we cannot live even one day without it! BTW did u know that they've only added 2 5G bands in the ind>an variant and when asked about it, they said they would add it in a software update🤯. How would those MFs add an antenna in an update? Do they take us( indians) for fools? IT and software is our talent! Oneplus is becoming oppo! Even th|or software is slowly becoming colour OS!

  77. Dexter Ding

    Dexter Ding

    23 시간 전


  78. Drew Weich

    Drew Weich

    23 시간 전

    How come at minute 1:33 it has a Matt Kemp title with a picture of Tanner Roark?

  79. Parsi Pax

    Parsi Pax

    23 시간 전

    wish u mentioned that s21 ultra's 100x is more detailed than this phone's 100x shots.